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The Langenfeld-based traditional company DREIDOPPEL has been part of the IREKS family of companies since 2004 and completes our competence in the confectionery baked goods sector with flavourings, confectionery pastes, cream stabilizers, gelling agents, fruit fillings as well as cooking cream powder, cold and fat creams.


We are pleased to offer you a range of DREIDOPPEL products in Asia-Pacific as well:

Baking Flavour

Perfectly adapted to any baker’s needs, DREIDOPPEL flavours give a custom finish to doughs and batters and deliver incomparable taste. DREIDOPPEL offers a complete assortment, perfect for every application.

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Pastes for Fine Pastry

Discover classical variations and a wide range of trend flavours, more than 50 natural flavours – all clean label.

  • For DREIDOPPEL, Clean Label means:
    • Free from artificial colouring and preservatives
    • Free from modified starch
    • Free from further additives (except for citric acid)
  • Thus, DREIDOPPEL pays attention to:
    • Only natural flavours
    • Short ingredient lists

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Choose from international all-rounders halal certified flavours for mousse, cream, baked goods and ice-cream. The fond neutral cream stabilizer of DREIDOPPEL is suitable for plant-based pastries.

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If you want to know more about our DREIDOPPEL product range, please contact us!