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Dim the lights! “Hand in Hand” – the new IREKS company film

We are there for you, lend a hand and invest in long-standing and trusting cooperation. In short: We work “hand in hand” with our customers and business partners as well as within the IREKS family. This is what distinguishes us from many others. Let our new company film take you on a fascinating journey through the world of IREKS and experience our spirit close up!

“Hand in Hand” – these days, this film title cannot be understood literally, of course. Figuratively, though, it applies even more! Partnership, cooperation, mutual support – especially today, these are of great value. Despite all distancing rules and restrictions, we still find common paths and our team spirit becomes particularly evident once again.

About 100 employees, who featured as actors, have made sure that the IREKS spirit is felt also in the new company film. In this way, the film became something very special. Real, authentic, simply IREKS!