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Energy efficiency target: 15 % in 15 years

Our energy saving target for 2024 is "15 % in 15 years"! With this, we want to build on the success of our 2019 target and continue to work on our energy efficiency.

Energy management is a focus topic for IREKS. Our 11-member energy management team is constantly working on improving our energy efficiency as well as reducing our energy consumption.

For the period from 2010 to 2019, we had set ourselves the goal of increasing our energy efficiency by 10 %. To achieve this, a wide variety of measures was developed, more than 100 of which had been implemented. In addition to numerous modernisation activities, these also include process and plant optimisations as well as various large-scale projects. Concrete examples are the conversion of our malt houses to condensing boiler technology or the new construction of entire production units such as our brewhouse, where we produce malt extract and sourdoughs. But also smaller suggestions for improvement from employees, such as the installation of motion detectors or LED lights were taken into account.

Thus, the targeted milestone was met in 2019 and we were able to save about 4,570 t of CO2 per year. This is roughly equivalent to the average consumption of 1,200 households.

We would like to build on this success with our new target, which we have set ourselves for the period up to 2024. Even though it becomes increasingly challenging to find potential savings, the efficiency target is to be continued with an unchanged efficiency increase rate, i.e. 15 % in 15 years!


Example for our energy efficieny measures: one of our combined heat and power plants at the site of the company in Kulmbach