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New videos on YouTube: Taste Con Fusion by IREKS

Extravagant taste compositions and astounding taste explosions – this is what our unique recipe ideas on the trend topic of “Food Pairing” on our YouTube channel stand for. Popular, high-quality baked goods from IREKS are combined with the most diverse ingredients and, in this way, put into a new context.

con – Latin with, together

fu·sion – English The union of different, individual elements to form one entity

con·fu·sion – English The feeling of not understanding something or of being confused


January 2020: Contribution

February 2020: Conversation

March 2020: Concept

April 2020: Consense

May 2020: Construction

June 2020: Continental

July 2020: Configuration

August 2020: Congratulation

September 2020: Concentration

October 2020: Concert

November 2020: Confectionery

December 2020: Conclusion


The basic idea of Food Pairing is to combine ingredients, which at first sight do not go together at all, in such a way that, by the orchestration, an exciting and harmonious entity is formed. This phenomenon can be explained quite simply: foods with the same main flavouring substances match one another excellently, but also foods with clearly different main flavouring substances complement each other in an optimum way. At the same time, this is mainly about appealing to all our senses by means of texture, appearance, smell and taste and about whetting our appetite for the new and unusual.

For IREKS, the most important ingredients of a successful Food Pairing are courage, joy of experimentation and our high-quality baked goods as a basis. No matter whether a cookie with white chocolate, figs, tart goat’s cheese mousse and rosemary or malt baguettes with pan-fried fennel, fruity orange, fiery chorizo and hearty walnuts – here the risk of being open for new taste combinations is involved.

Discover 12 unusual baked goods ideas on our YouTube channel and immerse yourself in the adventurous world of “TASTE CON FUSION by IREKS”.