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Strong Field Service:
the “direct line” to our customers

IREKS supports you quickly and personally. This is done by more than 500 competent field service staff employees who are on the job for you worldwide.

In the Asia-Pacific region, our employees Jurri van den Broek, Technical Adviser International from IREKS in Kulmbach, and Ingo Wenseritt, Gerhard Stichlberger, Steven Selvamuthu and Dech Sangsrijan - all highly-qualified master bakers who have a great deal of experience in this part of the world - provide moral and practical support to our customers.

As problem-solvers, as consultants, as specialists or as swift helpers in times of need, they bring know-how directly to your bakery premises.

For it is exactly this which corresponds to our philosophy: support is best given quickly and personally to the customers.