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IREKS calendar 2022:
With refined raw materials to perfected baked goods

Raw material. Refinement. Perfection. It takes lots of sophisticated processes to turn a single grain into baked goods full of taste. No one knows the numerous steps in your bakeries and confectionery bakeries better than you do. But what happens beforehand? Discover in our calendar for the year 2022 how IREKS turns grain and other valuable basic raw materials into refined products that you bring to perfection in your bakeries in most individual ways.


Year after year and harvest after harvest, nature provides us with true field treasures that form the basis of our products. In order to make full use of each and every grain, IREKS has set itself to take an extra close look at all raw materials and to make good things even better by means of a wide variety of refinement stages.

For our calendar “Perfection”, we have selected six of these refined raw materials for you, which serve as special ingredients that characterise a large number of our products and are ultimately perfected into baked goods full of taste in your bakeries. In this way, throughout the year, we would not only like to introduce you to unripe spelt, buckwheat and the like in more detail, but also take you along on the journey from grain to finished product. The final destination: your counter and, of course, the palate of your customers!

For each topic you will receive detailed information and learn about, for example, what is special about our IREKS malts or what it means that at IREKS everything comes from one source in the matter of spelt!  In addition, we will present matching baked goods inspirations that show off our main actors to their best advantage. You can look forward to creative ideas for bread and rolls as well as inspiring confectionery baked goods recipes!