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[email protected] – a small piece of holiday on your plate!

Let one of our IREKS master bakers take you on a journey through the bakeries of this world and conjure up a small piece of holiday onto your customers’ plates.

Travelling means discovering many exciting things - old buildings, impressive wonders of nature but always new moments of enjoyment as well! The smell of freshly baked baguettes from a small bakery in the south of France or the delicious hints of spice of traditional Turkish baked goods make holiday trips a very special experience, also in culinary terms!

Bring exactly these baked goods highlights from all over the world to your counter and take your customers on a culinary trip through the bakeries of this world! Especially this year, when many people are spending their holidays at home, you can conjure up a little piece of holiday feeling onto your customers' plates in this way.

One of our IREKS master bakers will show you in short videos on our YouTube channel exactly how it works! In addition to interesting information on international specialities such as the traditional Simits from Turkey or the aromatic Moñas Gallegas from Spain, you can also see how you can make the baked goods in no time at all.

Are you curious? We will gladly send you the recipes for the presented baked goods on request.