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That trendy superfood enjoyment

There is a new favourite in the popularity ranking list of well-liked raw materials: buckwheat. Buckwheat is fully in trend and is enjoying the greatest popularity as a superfood among all nutrition-conscious consumers.

Other than its name suggests, this is not a grain, but is from the knotweed family (pseudo-cereal) and typically cultivated in moorland areas. Due to its unmistakably nutty taste, buckwheat has developed into an interesting alternative to traditional types of grain in many countries. No matter whether in pancakes, cakes or pasta – it is highly regarded throughout the whole world.

Pamper your customers with the exceptional taste experience and the tradition of buckwheat.

Be inspired by the diversity of recipes and discover the whole spectrum of application and processing possibilities of IREKS BUCKWHEAT.


Buckwheat defines the unique character for nutrition and tradition-conscious consumers, with significance for the modern way of life

  • special baked goods character
  • mild and nutty taste
  • unmistakable, unique aroma of buckwheat
  • versatile and flexible area of application
  • a variety of taste on the shelf for specialities

High processing reliability taking individual work processes into account

  • first-class buckwheat quality
  • processing-friendly doughs
  • good fermentation stability and fermentation tolerance

Long enjoyment and consumption freshness

  • moist and soft crumb
  • special crumb colour
  • appealing volume of baked goods with an attractive crumb texture
  • excellent freshkeeping properties