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The IREKS Compendium of Baking Technology

With the IREKS Compendium of Baking Technology, IREKS supports professionals of all qualifications in their daily challenges. Based on the two classic technical manuals “Bäckereitechnisches Handbuch” and “World of Baking”, it combines long years of experience with know-how regarding new and innovative topics. 

Baking is a craft and technology, a feeling and precision, a tradition going back thousands of years and, at the same time, continuous innovation. Baking is passion, but also a science in itself.

For this reason, well-founded expertise forms the basis for long-lasting success. This has certainly always been the case but is still increasing in significance due to permanent further developments in the raw material and machine sector and globally changing nutrition trends. Within our industry, it is therefore even more important for experienced experts, just as for young and new employees who are full of enthusiasm for baking, to always be and continue to remain up to date in regard to their technological know-how.

With the IREKS Compendium of Baking Technology, we have committed ourselves to compiling technical knowledge on baking in a readily available form and to accompanying the experts from the baking trade in their daily challenges. As a result, a contemporary book has been developed which can provide support to bakery experts in the most diverse situations – no matter whether as a reference book, accompanying training or for an intense contemplation of individual topics.

As a replacement for the two well-known technical manuals from IREKS, “Bäckereitechnisches Handbuch” and “World of Baking”, it also covers, in addition to basic knowledge, advanced know-how und empiric specialist knowledge. In 18 chapters, the IREKS Compendium deals with conventional topics such as flour analysis, cold dough methods and quality checks of baked goods, just as with more current topics, as, for example, vacuum conditioning and malt flours and malt extracts.

It is filled with illustrations, tables and pictures which make the topics even clearer, more understandable and more alive. The team of authors always wrote in the knowledge that there is often no absolute right or wrong, as baking is characterised by complex processes and their influencing factors.

The book is available in hardback in German and English and comprises approx. 400 pages.

 » The step into the "now of baking" is a benefit for every baker with an interest in their profession. Whether small or large, conventional or organic, modern or traditional, everyone will receive their appropriate further education.«

- Jürgen Hinkelmann, Bäckerinnungs-Verband Westfalen-Lippe (Bakers’ Guild Association)

» No baker should do without this book, because it is so diverse, interesting and up to date in its statements that I can't think of anything spontaneously that is missing or that could be improved.«

- Heinrich Traublinger, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter Bäckerei Traublinger GmbH (Managing Partner of Bäckerei Traublinger GmbH)

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