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New Research Technical Centre for the refinement of raw materials

The new IREKS Technical Centre was opened in July 2022 after three years of construction. An essential part is the Research Technical Centre. In the following, you will learn what it is dedicated to.

At the headquarters of IREKS GmbH in Kulmbach, the new Research Technical Centre for research on promising competence products such as sourdoughs, roasted malts, malt extracts or pregelatinized flours was put into operation.  On 600 m² of floor space a variety of new development and testing possibilities for refining natural raw materials such as cereals, pseudocereals or oilseeds are opened up. For example, new production processes can now be tried and tested independently of production and in a reproducible manner, resulting in unique and innovative new products, but also optimising existing processes.

With the most modern equipment, the most diverse raw materials can be refined through various processes, such as fermentation, extrusion or roasting into a multitude of new competence products. By means of these technologies and their specific combinations we create products in flour form, in paste form or liquid with a wide variety of flavour and colour nuances. These, in turn, as components of our baking ingredients, give the baked goods made from them a very individual and characteristic appearance as well as an unmistakable aroma.

The new facilities and premises close the gap between laboratory scale and production in our production facilities and thus significantly facilitate the scale-up process in the context of new product development. In addition, already established production techniques can be examined more closely and further optimised on a smaller scale. The combination with our laboratory area, which is unique in the industry, also makes it possible to scientifically test the safety of the manufactured products.